Log W06/2024

New Server (Infra)

Implemented and configured a new enterprise-grade server to maintain optimal performance for all web-based services and provide flawless experience for the next 100k+ users


+Four Full-Nodes Infra

Four new full nodes have been enabled: This expands the node network to a total of six, enhancing the capacity to efficiently load balance requests from the dapp and third-party platforms


Governance (UI)

Governance Voting in Nolus DApp: Implemented governance voting functionality within the Nolus DApp, simplifying the process for users to vote on new features and improvements

Leased Asset Bug in New Lease Form (UI)

Addressed and resolved an issue where the leased asset displayed in the new lease form would change under rare circumstances

PnL Calculation for New Leases (UI)

Improved the Profit and Loss calculation for new leases. The calculation now accurately starts from zero rather than an arbitrary figure


Impact and Fees for New Leases (UI)

Enhanced the accuracy of impact and fee calculations when opening a new lease position



Updated all relevant data in the DeFiLlama aggregator


Nolus Core Update

This update adds new features like the fee grant module and icahost support, fixes bugs in deployment scripts and DEX configuration, updates wasmvm to v1.5.2, and refines tax module fees. It also enhances documentation with ADRs for cosmos-sdk and fees, improves code styling and refactoring, and strengthens continuous integration by pinning the builder base image version