Log W07/2024

Money Market Update

Version 0.5.0 Released: This update introduces significant efficiency improvements in the calculation of lease interest within our smart contracts suite, alongside whitelisting for many new assets and new protocols. Additionally, it includes a significant list of performance improvements


Nolus Core Update

A minor version bump to v0.5.2 for the Nolus blockchain has been introduced to address the limitation on the max size of a WASM contract


dApp Refactoring

Initiated major refactoring of large functions into smaller segments to improve readability, maintenance, and support. This enhancement aims to reduce the occurrence of bugs in future updates


dApp Refactoring

Eliminated all unnecessary and repetitive JavaScript code segments from the project to streamline functionality and enhance performance efficiency


User Interface

Added functionality for transferring USDC.axl tokens directly from the Axelar network to Nolus via both Osmosis and Neutron



To enhance the performance and maintain the operational efficiency of the Nolus applications, a comprehensive pruning strategy has been implemented across all full-nodes within the system. This initiative is designed to ensure the database remains clean and uncluttered by removing obsolete or unnecessary data that can slow down node responsiveness and impede transaction processing speeds



Updated the Price Feeders to integrate a new feeding engine, designed to maintain consistency and stability of feeds during periods of high market volatility and in scenarios where endpoints are inaccessible due to overloaded requests on foreign network nodes