Log W08/2024

Money Market Update

Version 0.5.1 Released: In the latest update, building upon version 0.05.0, we've introduced a suite of enhancements aimed at refining the development process. Notably, this includes significant improvements to our developer tooling, designed to make the deployment of protocols more efficient. Additionally, we've rolled out various quality of life updates, all focused on enhancing the overall usability and development experience


Oracle Contract Update

Updated the oracle swap three with the latest assets that were whitelisted as lease and repay assets in the contracts version 0.5.1


Testnets Cleanup

Removed several redundant protocols from the smart contract suite on both the Vitosha (development) and Rila (public) testnets, streamlining operations and improving efficiency



In the latest enhancements to our ETL,, we've updated the production environment to fully support all the new assets introduced with the version 0.5.1 money market update. This ensures that our production systems are fully aligned with the latest asset offerings and functionalities. Additionally, we have taken a step further in our testing protocols by deploying a test instance that is directly connected with the Rila testnet.


Webapp Code Refactoring

Completed a major overhaul of large functions, breaking them down into smaller segments. This change enhances readability, eases maintenance, and improves overall support capabilities.