Log W10/24

Money Market Update

Version 0.5.2 Released: In this update, we've added support for new assets (TIA, stTIA, and stkATOM) to the Astroport protocol on Neutron, while also decreasing the buyback frequency to 12 hours from 7200 hours for improved efficiency and market responsiveness.


Money Market Update

A Noble USDC protocol has been instantiated for Osmosis, marking the initiation of the transition of the Money Market from USDCaxl to native USDC.



Introduced three new tokens: stTIA, milkTIA, and DYM. These additions provide more flexibility and choice for leasing, catering to a broader range of preferences and needs within our community.


Webapp Refactoring

A significant refactoring has been deployed, involving a major overhaul of large functions by breaking them down into smaller segments. This strategic change greatly enhances readability, streamlines maintenance efforts, and boosts overall support capabilities. By decomposing complex functions into more manageable parts, the codebase becomes more modular and easier to understand, facilitating smoother development processes and reducing the likelihood of errors.



Completed development of a new website for nolus.io, which is currently undergoing testing.



Integrated Cosmovisor into our release pipelines to facilitate faster blockchain updates and enhance convenience for validators.



Instantiated a second the ETL module to cut downtime during updates and improve reliability.