Log W15/24

Money Market

Version 0.6.2 Released: This update introduces the Reserve Contract, serving as a protocol insurance fund. It aims to cover various inefficiencies such as untimely liquidations caused by faulty price actions, derivatives price depeg, or technical shortcomings.


Alarms Dispatcher

Enhanced the alarm dispatcher to dynamically adjust its scaling based on current demand. This solution is designed to maintain operational capacity during high alarm activity periods.



A significant update is currently in its final testing phase, which will introduce a new token swap feature powered by the Skip API. Additionally, this update will initiate the transition of the protocol from USDC.axl to native USDC.



A substantial number of bugs have been addressed and resolved, leading to a more reliable user experience. Additionally, we've introduced various performance improvements that contribute to faster and more efficient operation of the app.



Version 0.5.3 has been released, featuring an upgrade to the latest ibc-go v7.4.0. This update eliminates the need for additional mechanics previously supported by Nolus, specifically the dispatch of time alarms to maintain liveness on all Interchain Accounts Channels. This functionality is now rendered obsolete, streamlining the operation within the updated framework.

Additionally, this version introduces support for Cosmovisor, significantly enhancing the node operators' experience by automating binary updates for the chain, further streamlining the management and operation of the network.



We've streamlined the integration process, which now allows for the tracking of additional data points in DefiLlama. This enhancement not only broadens the scope of data available but also simplifies management.