Log W21/24

Money Market

The upcoming release will unlock the full potential of the Nolus Money Market. This smart contract update will allow borrowers to use volatile assets as base lending currencies, enabling them to open short lease positions across various assets and markets


Money Market

Two new tokens, stkATOM and ATOM, have been introduced to the Astroport market on Neutron and CUDOS to Osmosis. These additions enhance leasing flexibility, catering to a wider range of preferences and needs within our community


Money Market

The profit contract has been adjusted to buy back NLS tokens from the newly established NLS/USDC pool on Osmosis via a governance proposal


Web App

The Nolus app has been enhanced with the introduction of a swap feature powered by the Skip API, allowing for seamless asset cross-chain exchanges within the apps UI and a naive USDC protocol has been enabled marking the migration start from axlUSDC to USDC


Web Components

A new library is nearly ready, set to become the single source of truth for all visual styles, design language, and visual components for all Nolus-related UIs. This marks a significant step forward in optimizing and enhancing the Nolus codebase. Additionally, it will serve as a crucial foundation for the upcoming launch of version 2 of the Nolus application


Alarms Dispatcher and Price Feeder

The latest version of the Alarms Dispatcher and Price Feeder has been released and has been running in production for several weeks. This update brings numerous enhancements that greatly improve robustness, with a primary focus on monitoring the health of connected nodes


Interchain Accounts

A new feature was utilized that enables the creation of an Interchain Account (ICA) on Neutron, controlled by Nolus's governance, ensuring secure and decentralized management. An immediate benefit of this integration is that it allows Nolus to enter into liquidity-sharing agreements with other protocols without the need for a trusted multisig to oversee the deal. This enhancement not only simplifies the process but also reinforces trust and security within the ecosystem