Log W27/24

Money Market

A major release, version 0.7.0 of the smart contracts suite has been migrated to mainnet, bringing several significant updates. This release introduces event notifications for cover-loss and improved timeout settings, enhancing the user experience and system reliability. Borrowers can now use volatile assets as base lending currencies, enabling short lease positions across various markets. A new USDC protocol for Astroport on Neutron has been integrated, with plans to gradually deprecate USDCaxl in favor of native USDC after the protocol is tuned. Bug fixes include corrections for ATOM symbols and improved handling of repayment overflows. We have streamlined the system by removing outdated components and simplifying processes, and testing procedures have been enhanced for greater accuracy. Additionally, we updated to the latest Rust versions to boost performance and stability. SAGA has been integrated via Osmosis, improving leasing flexibility to better meet the diverse needs of our community


Web App

The Lease UI has undergone significant improvements. Users can now easily recall the date they opened a lease at a glance, simplifying tracking and management. Additionally, a visual representation of each position's health, specifically the loan-to-value ratio, has been introduced, allowing users to quickly assess if any actions are needed without engaging in complex calculations. We have made significant improvements to the speed at which the state of contracts is queried, resulting in faster lease transactions. This enhancement allows for quicker reactions to lease state changes and enhances the overall lease speed.

Several other enhancements have been introduced to improve the user experience. A new checkbox has been added to the Assets section to show or hide small balances, contributing to a tidier and clearer view. Additionally, a unified button for sending and receiving assets has been implemented, making it much easier to navigate the assets table. Swaps now support more advanced routes, such as USDC bridged through Osmosis being directly swapped for USDCaxl bridged via Neutron in a single transaction. All token transfers are now executed with the help of the Skip API, allowing for more complex transfers across a wider range of tokens. For example, if a user has USDC on Secret Network, they can now bridge it directly to Nolus in a single transaction.

In addition to $NLS, native $USDC can now be seamlessly bridged between Nolus, Ethereum, and Arbitrum directly within the Nolus dApp. This enhanced functionality is powered by the Skip API, enabling smooth and efficient transactions across these platforms.



We have added support for DeFillama to track natively on-chain data for all Nolus lending pools on their Yield Dashboard