Prioritized Security Above All

Nolus Protocol places utmost emphasis on security. All team members have devoted significant resources to guarantee reliability and safety. Contracts and balances are openly accessible for verification. Security researchers can earn a bug bounty for uncovering new vulnerabilities. The Nolus Team contends that the true measure of a smart contract platform is its scale, transparency, and longevity. We invite you to examine the provided audits to assess our security standards. If you're keen to contribute to our security endeavors, please reach out to [email protected].




Nolus Bug Bounty Program

Nolus's Core Contributors greatly appreciate the efforts of ethical hackers aiming to uphold our ecosystem's security and integrity. Even though the Nolus Protocol has passed rigorous professional audits, it's possible that unknown vulnerabilities still exist. We urge our community to scrutinize all contracts and report any discrepancies responsibly. Our Nolus Bounty Program stands as a testament to our belief in the power of community-driven security research, and it is designed to spot and address any potential flaws collaboratively. This program covers Nolus's blockchain, smart contracts, and web application, targeting prevention of:

  • Any theft or freezing of principal funds.
  • Any theft or freezing of unclaimed yields.
  • Disruptions to website uptime.
  • Unauthorized access to restricted pages.
  • Erasure of user data.

For bug bounty submissions, please send a comprehensive report, either written or in video, detailing the vulnerability reproduction steps to [email protected]. Nolus promises a swift acknowledgment of your submission.