Earn on USDC

Discover How to Provide Liquidity on Nolus

Learn how to enhance your USDC returns on the Nolus dApp by contributing to the stablecoin lending pools (Osmosis or Astroport).

Supply USDC.axl

  1. Select Earn from the left sidebar.
  2. Spot the option to supply USDC.
  3. Input your desired deposit amount.
  4. Press Supply.
  5. Confirm the subsequent transaction when prompted.

Once successful, your earning portfolio will update to reflect the newly deposited USDC amount. Note how your USDC balance will augment in real-time, and pending NLS rewards can be spotted on the right pane. Keep in mind, any supplied stablecoin will be auto-compounded atop the initial deposit.


Withdraw USDC.axl

  1. Navigate back to Earn.
  2. Click on Supply adjacent to the USDC listing.
  3. This action opens a deposit/withdrawal interface. Here, opt for Withdraw.
  4. Indicate your desired withdrawal amount or simply opt for the maximum.
  5. After verifying your withdrawal details, press the blue Withdraw button.
  6. You'll be prompted to confirm this transaction within your wallet.
  7. Post-confirmation, expect the funds to promptly materialize in your wallet.

Claim NLS Rewards

  1. Simply head to the Rewards section within the Earn tab on the Nolus dApp.
  2. Press Claim.
  3. And you're set!