Managing Your DeFi Lease

Find Out How to Monitor and Handle Your Defi Lease

Left-hand Side: Displays initial lease parameters such as:

  • PnL (Profit & Loss) indicator toggling between USD and percentage. (HINT: Simply click on the PnL indicator.)
  • USD value of the down payment.
  • Asset price at contract creation.
  • Liquidation price details.

Right-hand Side: Asset Price Chart

  • Features an asset price chart powered by Coingecko’s APIs. The current price of the leased asset is shown on top. It can be changed to a 24h, 7d, 30d, 90d, 1y, max periods.

Bottom Section: Highlights key metrics:

  • Debt: USD amount pending for position closure.
  • Interest: Monthly interest rate locked during contract creation.
  • Interest Due: Accrued interest on the lease. In the tooltip, you will have the remaining time until interest debiting. Post this period, if the interest isn't repaid, this amount (exclusive of the principal) will be deducted from the lease position.

Important Notes

In the DeFi Lease system, interest accrues on a 14-day cycle.