The Stats page offers three distinct sections: General Stats, Utilization Level data, and Loans insights

General Stats

Total Vaue Locked: The Total Value Locked (TVL) refers to the cumulative amount of stablecoins in the Earn pool plus the value of all ongoing DeFi Lease contracts.

Buyback: At Nolus, the primary use of revenue-generating activities (interest margin, transaction costs) is to repurchase NLS in the open market, subsequently refilling the Lenders' Incentive Pool.

Incentives Pool: This pool has 12% of all NLS tokens (120M NLS, refer to the Nolus tokenomics) and currently serves as an additional incentive for lenders.

Supplied: The total amount of stablecoins supplied to the Earn pool by lenders.

Borrowed Amount: The money lent out by the system via DeFi Leases.


Utilization Level

This displays the ratio of borrowed funds to the funds provided by each supported DEX.

Optimal: When this hits 70%, the Borrow APR is at its highest.

Deposit Suspension: Should this fall below 65%, new deposits to Earn are suspended until the value rises above the threshold.


Loans Provided (Total)

A percentage distribution of each asset for all loans issued since the inception of the system.

Borrowed: The total money borrowed since the start (in dollars).

Protocol Revenue: The total value (in dollars, at the time of purchase) of NLS bought back.