Send & Receive Tokens

Discover How to Effortlessly and Safely Transfer and Accept Tokens on the Nolus Chain

Effortless token transactions on the Nolus dApp are just a few clicks away. This guide offers a clear, step-by-step walkthrough for sending and receiving tokens through the Nolus dApp, ensuring your transactions are smooth and secure.


Prerequisite: Your Keplr, Leap, or Ledger wallet should be connected to the Nolus dApp.


  1. Click on the Send/Receive button within the Nolus dApp.
  2. Toggle to the Receive function in the transaction window.

    A. Nolus: If you're expecting tokens from the Nolus blockchain, simply copy your Nolus wallet address and use it to receive the tokens from the sending wallet.


    B. For Other Networks: First, adjust the Network to the appropriate option.

  3. Select the token you will receive using the dropdown menu under the Amount to Receive section.
  4. Input the Amount of the selected token. The available balance for that token on networks like Osmosis will be displayed above.
  5. Once all transaction parameters are set, click the Receive button.
  6. A prompt will request your confirmation. After reviewing the details, confirm the transaction, which will be posted to the blockchain.


Prerequisite: Ensure your Keplr, Leap, or Ledger wallet is connected to the Nolus dApp.


  1. Click the Send/Receive button on the Nolus dApp.
  2. A transaction window will pop up.
  3. Select the Network:

    A. Nolus: Choose this option for transactions to another Nolus wallet address.


    B. Other Networks: Opt for this if you're transacting to an address on a different network.

  4. Define the Amount: Choose the token you wish to send from the dropdown menu.
  5. In the provided field, input the token Amount you want to transfer.
  6. Input the Recipient's wallet address in the dedicated field.
  7. Review your transaction details and click on the Send button.